Terms and Conditions

  1. We take your privacy very seriously and your personal details including email address will not be divulged to anyone, not even other members of your own website. Emails sent to you from your site administrator or other members of your website will be sent through our mail servers, whether in bulk or individually, without giving away your email address. Sensitive material such as credit card details and passwords are only transmitted over secure links and stored in encrypted form.
  2. You have complete freedom over the contents of your site, but see 3. below. You also have complete control over who has access to providing that content. With freedom comes responsibility, you are responsible for the contents of your site in fact and in law. If you are not ready to be held responsible for the contents of your site do not use these sites. Guard your passwords carefully, never share them with anyone. Do not give "Admin" rights to anyone you do not trust. All site contents can be attributed to a particular login ID if necessary, ensure your users are all aware of this.
  3. No pornographic or abusive material will be tolerated. We are not against freedom of speech or controversial material so long as it is factual, not abusive, nor offensive. Any sites persistently displaying any kind of offensive content will be closed down.
  4. No advertising or pop-ups will be placed on your site by us, while your account with us is in credit.
  5. We will take great care to provide the best service we can. We do not however make any guarantees as to level of service and availability. You may try our services for 30 days before a payment is required, you may until then abandon your site without payment or obligation at any time. We aim to please and do not bind you to any contractual period, we want you to stay because you are pleased with our service. You are entitled to abandon your site at any time you are not satisfied with our service.
  6. Charges will be based on server storage space used, at a rate of 1.00 GBP per 20 Megabytes per month, with a minimum charge of 5.00 GBP per month. The amount of space used by your site will be available to your administrators on the "Site Payment" admin page, with an estimate of your next payment amount based on ther storage space used at the time. Payment is due 30 days after registration and monthly thereafter.  Generous discounts are available if you elect to pay more than one month in advance.  You will receive an email invoice when payment is due, and a reminder 14 days later.  If payment is not made 30 days after the due date the service will be suspended, and the site may be permanently removed.
  7. Refunds will be paid only in the event of serious technical problems on our servers, which stop you using your site in the normal way for a period in excess of two hours, and will be proportional to the down time. Backups of your site are made on a daily basis and stored in a secure place. We can recover your data to within 24 hours of a specific time. A special charge will made for this service. No other responsibility for consequential loss of service will be accepted. Access problems brought about by internet infrastructure problems outside our control are not a basis for refund.
  8. By using these sites you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

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Our-Info Cookie Information

The only cookie stored by Our-Info website software is labelled PHPSESSIONID which consists of a random string of characters and is only used to track the current session.

If you are browsing anonymously the cookie is not used at all, unless the site offers products for sale, in which case the cookie is used to track your basket of goods, which you may or may not decide to purchase.

If you logon to the site then the cookie is used to track your session, so that you have the access to pages and privileges to update pages, which are set for you by the site administrators.

Cookies are not used to carry forward any information from one session to another, nor are cookies used to record the pages you have visited.

Some pages which contain third party software, for example Google maps, may contain third party tracking cookies. These cookies are not used by this site for any purpose.

The current cookies and their content (including any third party cookies) are as follows:

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